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Five More Reason You Should Reconsider Your Purchase of the Note 8

Recently we posted a video on XDA TV where Mark talked about the reasons you should skip out on the Galaxy Note 8. This followup video focuses more on the shortcomings of the Note 8 and why the Note line isn’t as exciting as it used to be.

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Moto X4 Prime Exclusive Coming to Amazon Soon, Non-Prime Version Too

A lot of Motorola fans of have fond memories of the Moto X line since it was the focus of the company when they were acquired by Google. Due to some internal reorganization efforts the company went through this last year with Lenovo, they didn’t release a new Moto X device in 2016. The series came back in 2017 but has been limited to select countries so far but today we have learned that the Moto X4 will be available in the United States later this month in a regular version as well as an Amazon Prime Exclusive variant.

Ever since the Moto X4 was announced, people have wondered when it would be released in the United States. We were told the Fall, but that is as far as it goes and now we have learned more details on the topic. So, if you want to purchase a non-Amazon Prime Exclusive version of the Moto X4 then you’ll be able to place your pre-order tomorrow at places like Best Buy, B&H, Fry’s,, Newegg, and Motorola’s own online store. It will be priced at $400 and shipping is said to begin on October 26th.

Amazon has continued to support their Prime Exclusive variants of a number of smartphones and with the inclusion of the Moto X4 that brings their total up to 9 devices (from Motorola, Alcatel and Nokia). For those unaware, the Amazon Prime Exclusive version of a phone requires an Amazon Prime account and you’re able to get the device cheaper than normal. In this case, Amazon will be selling the Prime Exclusive variant of the Moto X4 for $330 ($70 less than retail).

To get that discount though, you also need to deal with ads on the lock screen. We have highlighted ways to remove these ads from previous devices, but we can’t promise those methods will still be available in the future. Still, many people don’t mind looking at an ad for 1-2 seconds each time they unlock it and are happy to save the money. The Amazon Prime Exclusive version of the Moto X4 will go up for pre-order later today and the device will start shipping on October 26th as well.

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Garmin Speak is a GPS Navigation Unit with Amazon Alexa Built-in

Similar to how Google has the Google Assistant SDK, Amazon has its own SDK for its Alexa service that allows 3rd-party companies to embed it into their products. We’ve seen this implemented in a wide range of products including connected speakers, refrigerators, and more. Today, Garmin has announced a new product called the Garmin Speak which combines the company’s GPS navigation system with all of the capabilities of an Amazon Alexa device.

Amazon recently held an Alexa hardware launch event and unveiled a number of new Echo products but their focus was put on the home. Garmin has a number of products for various aspects of your life but the company’s GPS navigation system has been popular for decades. Many have shifted to using their smartphones for turn by turn navigation thanks to the added desire to consolidate devices, but Garmin hasn’t given up in this field.

Garmin has just announced the Garmin Speak which is a small GPS navigation unit for your automobile that has Amazon Alexa built into it. The product is priced at $150 and currently on sale at select retailers including Best Buy and Amazon. The inch and a half device comes with a 114 x 64 pixel resolution OLED display with a faint LED ring around the OLED panel. It comes with a power cable and has a speaker built-into the unit, but you can buy an AUX cable so it connects to your car’s stereo system.

Since it has Amazon Alexa built into it, you can issue a ton of commands to the device using only our voice. This can be anything from streaming music to listening to the news or weather forecast, or turning on/off select smartphone products that you forgot to on your way out the door. With Garmin’s focus being on GPS navigation, you can ask for directions by using the “Alexa, ask Garmin for directions to…” command.

Source: Garmin Newsroom

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Launch Apps Quickly with LaunchBoard – An App Drawer Replacement

Home screens are great for those applications that you open often, but the app drawer is better for the applications that are rarely needed. Still, when you open the app drawer you have to scroll through all of the apps to find the one you actually want. So XDA Junior Member devthrob has put together an application that opens up a keyboard when you tap on the icon. From here, you can type the name of what you want and LaunchBoard will present you with a list of suggestions that it thinks you’re looking for.

Check out LaunchBoard in our Apps and Games forum

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WhatsApp Adds Live Location Sharing

It’s fair to say that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service in the whole world. The company, acquired by Facebook in 2014, has recently said that it has 2 billion monthly active users, and 1 billion active daily users. Other mind-boggling statistics such as a total of 55 billion messages being sent every day have also been promoted by the company. This is the reason why, when WhatsApp adds a new feature, it has the capability to have an impact on the experiences of billions of users around the globe. In the past months, we have seen the introduction of WhatsApp Status and the ability to send files of any file type. Today, the company has added a new feature: Live Location – which is WhatsApp’s take on live location sharing.

Location sharing has existed in WhatsApp since quite a few years, and it has worked well, integrating with Google Maps to send the user’s location in a personal or a group chat.

However, Live Location is a step above and beyond static location sharing. Live location sharing, now used by Google, Facebook and other apps, means that the person you are having a conversation with will be able to see your precise location on a live map which will constantly update for a fixed time determined beforehand.

According to WhatsApp, the procedure to initiate live location sharing consists of:

  • Open a personal or group chat with whom you want to share your live location.
  • Under “Location” in the attach button, tap on the new “Share Live Location” button.
  • You can choose for how long you want to share. For example, choose share for one hour and then tap send.
  • If it’s a group chat, each person in the chat will be able to see your real-time location on a map. If multiple people share their Live Location in the group, all locations will be visible on the same map.

This feature has well-defined use cases for commuting and keeping track of family and friends, and it is safe to expect that it will be adopted by millions of users. In terms of security and privacy, WhatsApp stated that Live Location is end-to-end encrypted just like WhatsApp chats, voice calls and video calls.

Live Location will roll out on the Android app in the coming weeks.


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Enable Support For aptX and aptX HD on OnePlus 3/3T Running Open Beta Android Oreo

OnePlus surprised us all by dropping the Open Beta of Android Oreo for the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T last week. And while so far we haven’t seen any major bugs or stability issues in the early software, some users on our forums have discovered that support for aptX and aptX HD codecs enabling high-quality Bluetooth audio streaming is missing from the software —support for SBC and Sony’s LDAC is present, though.

Thankfully, XDA Senior Member theduke7 has found a way that shows you how you can enable support for these high-quality Bluetooth codecs on your OnePlus 3/3T running OxygenOS Android Oreo Open Beta. Check out the main thread for more details including step-by-step instructions for installation by following the link below!

Enable support for aptX and aptX HD codecs on your OnePlus 3/3T

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NavBar Animations Adds Animations to Your Home Button Without Root

Lastly, Android has really opened up the customization options for the software navigation bar. We’ve talked about some ways to modify this in the past but now there’s a new application for Android 5.0+ from XDA Senior Member prithvee that lets you add animations to your home button without needing root access. The application is free and can be installed via the Play Store, it lets you auto start on boot, set the animation speed, color overlay and animation triggers. There’s also an in-app purchase included that removes all ads and unlocks all animation packs (both current and future). Check out NavBar Animations by following the link below!

Check out NavBar Animations in our Apps and Games forum

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