mardi 11 juillet 2017

Latest Humble Mobile Bundle Includes Kemco & HyperDevbox Games

Mobile gaming fans of the RPG genre are now able to save some money on a number of games from developers Kemco and HyperDevbox. The latest Humble Mobile Bundle includes up to 9 different games that can be purchased for a lot less than they’re listed for in the Play Store. As usual, this bundle is setup in tiers and the more you pay the more games you will have access to.

The first tier stats off at $1, and it comes with three different games. We have Generation of Chaos from HyperDevbox which is a strategy RPG that spans across 10 different campaigns and includes over 150 unique commanders. Next up is Chronus Arc Premium from Kemco and this is a story RPG filled with dungeons where you’ll be solving puzzles before you can proceed to the next. Last up in the $1 tier is Bonds of the Skies Premium from Kemco that is an RPG with a wide range of achievements, including quests and collecting items.

The second tier has you paying more than the average that everyone else is currently paying. Right now this is set to $4.84, but it will likely change (going up or down) as time goes by. This tier comes with both Cross Hearts Arcadia and Crystareino Premium from Kemco which are adventure RPG games that Kemco is known for. The 3rd game in this middle tier is ExZeus 2 from HyperDevbox that is described as the next generation of mobile 3D shooting games.

The last tier in the new Humble Mobile Bundle will cost you $5, and it comes with both Blazing Souls Accelate and Spectral Souls from HyperDevbox. These game are tactical RPGs that are part of the studio’s “Spectral Souls universe.” Then we have Legna Tactica as another tactical RPG game but from Kemco this time. Paying $5 for this bundle will get you all 9 games from both Kemco and HyperDevbox.

As with all Humble Mobile Bundles, you get to choose where your money goes when you pay for it. It’s broken up into three different options between the developers involved, the charities involved and a gratuitous tip to Humble Bundle for setting it up. If you want all of your money to go to the game studio(s), you can do that. If you want all of the money to go to the charity, you can do that as well. Charities involved in this Humble Bundle include the EFF, WaterAid, and Child’s Play Charity.

Source: Humble Bundle

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