lundi 10 juillet 2017

Magisk Version 13 Coming Soon to Stable Branch

After more than a month of testing as a beta, XDA Recognized Contributor and Developer topjohnwu‘s Magisk v13 is on its way to the stable branch. The stable v13 release will bring with itself Android O compatibility, a unified binary as well as a host of bug fixes and improvements from all the prior betas.

As topjohnwu mentions in his forum post, the new stable version of Magisk will go live in a few hours. As a result, the beta thread for Magisk has now been closed as it is no longer required. The thread will open when the next beta arrives, but until then, the thread for the stable release will continue on as the main thread.

The official and complete changelog for the newest version has not yet been posted, but we can follow along the changes that took place in prior betas. The main highlight is compatibility with the newest version of Android O, along with the merging of MagiskSU, magiskhide, resetprop and magiskpolicy into one unified binary. There is now support for addon.d survival, and magiskhide should also be enabled by default. Magisk v13 will also need the latest Magisk Manager app which supports the new Magisk unified binary and also has an added basic integrity check for SafetyNet.

Since Magisk Manager is no longer available on the Google Play Store, you will need to head on over to the forum thread to grab the latest version. Alternatively, you can also install MagiskManager through our very own XDA Labs. We will append the complete changelog here as soon as it is available, so stay tuned or keep an eye on the forums!

Have you installed the latest version? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

Check out Magisk in our Community Apps forum! Download Magisk Manager via XDA Labs!

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