mercredi 12 juillet 2017

Xettings Lets You Customize the Status Bar and Quick Settings in AOSPA

Paranoid Android (also referred to as PA and AOSPA) received a pretty substantial update yesterday to version 7.2.0. The new builds of the ROM come outfitted with performance enhancements, improvements to the Color Engine, a brand-new Accidental Touch (prevention) feature, and plenty more.

Although there’s a lot to mess around with and customize in the latest Paranoid Android build, something that’s still missing is proper customization of your status bar. Thankfully, a new Substratum theme called, “Xettings” from XDA Senior Member ungeeked aims to fix this.

Ungeeked tested Xettings on a OnePlus 3 and 3T, but the theme should work on any device that’s running a build of AOSPA based on Android Nougat. Once installed onto your device, Xettings will allow you to reposition the clock in your status bar, change the appearance and color of said clock, adjust your Quick Settings rows, and more.

Download Xettings from the XDA Forums

from xda-developers